Gambling is one of the biggest things in Japan. Casinos are actually a big deal in Japan, and there is also one more thing that is huge in Japan, and that would be manga. Manga has indeed provided so much entertainment to so many kids and teenagers alike. Millions of souls have been known to love mangas of multiples franchises, here are a few examples.

  • Pokemon
  • Bakugan
  • Beyblade
  • Dragon Ball Z

There are actually so many more mangas that people actually adore. You should also know that the Japanese culture has gained a lot of attention because of these mangas. The manga actually never fails to present good stories and even proper violence as well. Japanese culture is also affected because of anime and manga as well. Some animes are actually adapted from some mangas. It was indeed inevitable that slot machines started making some Japanese themes with manga completely integrated within them. This would indeed include anything and everything from the world of manga from Japan. It can indeed be from anywhere in Japan, from anytime as well, and many more factors have also been known to play a role in this integration. In this brief guide I will list out just a few slot machines with some interesting Japanese themes.

– Ghost In The Shell: The first one that we will indeed be looking at would be Ghost In The Shell. If you have seen the movie which was lead by Scarlet Johansson, you would indeed have a clear idea as to what I was talking about here. Ghost In The Shell is also known to be a very beloved anime. This has indeed been adapted to slot machines. People have known to love it a lot because of its philosophical outlook when it comes to the dualism of the spirit and the body as well. The slot machines have even managed to capture the neo-futuristic landscape as well as the brilliance in the action as well.


– Japan-O-Rama: This one is actually set in ancient Japan, but it actually looks at it through a modern lens indeed. The graphics are indeed simple as well, and they are also very easy to appreciate. The corresponding sound effects are also greatly appreciated.

– Nine-Tailed Ninja is indeed a clear reference and even rip-off of the Naruto series. A ninja who is Naruto holds the nine-tailed fox inside him, and he also staves off enemies in order to save his entire village. The story is indeed interesting, and the slot machine does it justice as well. Different seasons have also been added as a great bonus.

These are a few slot machines with Japanese manga themes.